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Pets at Home Haverfordwest in Haverfordwest, Wales Open now

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Unit D Springfield Retail Park, Fishguard Road, Haverfordwest, Wales SA61 2AT
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+44 345 266 0141

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Reviews about Pets at Home Haverfordwest

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    2017-06-14, by Aqua town
    I came here on Easter Monday and I would like to point out the good points and bad points ok. Good points:- I have never been here before so it was a first! 1) Very healthy fish compared to Carmarthen pets at home! Not one disease since we brought them back. I've been keeping fish for over a decade, and know all the common 25 diseases to look out for. (White spot, ick, fin rot, mouth rot, NTD (Neon tetra disease), clamped fins (generally found in Molly's and shark species) spp (Albino Cory disease) and many more. 2) Quick service- got there looked at fish got a member of staff and was quick to attend! 3) Good price- the highest amount I'd pay for a common fish is £5 if it's rare , well I'd pay a lot more obviously like my L046 pleco £120 right there. 3 Cory-£9, 4 platy £10 shark-£3.50 ish. Bad points: 1) Pets at home video says 'all our employees go through 12 exams' well sorry to say but in the first exam you should cover what fish is female and which is female, right I mean common, the obvious signs are either fins, eyes, or colour- if unaware fish keepers are reading or pets at home employees are reading but anyway choose fish and their healthy so can't complain anymore on that part. However I did get a nice surprise in the bag, there was a baby fish we are double checking but we think it's a Molly judging by the fins. 2) Why the interview? By meaning interview I mean loads of questions!!! The last thing you want to hear when buying a fish is loads of questions like (what tank size) (where do you live) (anything in it) etc... I felt like leaving but after 10 mins of questioning we finally started getting fish out ! Overall I personally rate an 'OK' fish place! Rated 3* because of the good and bad points. Hope I helped you all who are currently reading this.
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